NOTICE: This game is currently being updated before being made available again in app stores!


Farmageddon, a game originally intended as a practice project, has been made available to the public for free! Enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our collective learning efforts while we get cracking on our first full scale project…

This whimsical take on the farming sim and casual puzzler genres challenges players to make use of the limited space in their fields to grow many different crops in an attempt to wrack up the biggest harvesting combos. Every crop has a unique growth behavior, so players must plan ahead to ensure that every plant counts – all while protecting their harvest from a range of different invading baddies such as devious gophers, magical crows, and even the mythical cockatrice.

Playing the Game:

Growing Crops:

  • The seeds available to you will display in the queue on the left side of the screen.
  • Tap an empty tile in your field to plant the next seed in the queue.
  • With each tap, a day passes on your farm, causing all of your planted crops to grow.
  • After a certain number of days, your crops will reach a mature state, denoted by a white harvest tag.
  • Tap mature crops to harvest and score points, but don’t be too hasty; when multiple mature crops are are connected vertically or horizontally, a single tap will harvest them all in a single day for bonus points!
  • If left for too long, mature crops will eventually wither; look out for crops flashing in red, they will wither if not harvested immediately.
  • Tap a withered crop to remove it. This will turn the tile barren for a short time.

Storing Items:

  • When the storage box below the queue is empty, tapping the box will move the next item in the queue into the box instead.
  • Storing items in the box does not cause a day to pass.
  • When the box is currently storing an item, you may tap the box to open it. While the box is open, your next tap on your field will use the item in the box instead of the item next up in the queue!
  • Use the storage box to save hammers, slingshots, or seeds for when you need them the most.


  • Every field is home to a unique pest.
  • Pests have different behaviors, but they all have the same goal: destroy your crops.
  • When pests move to a tile that contains a crop, it will be destroyed.
  • All pests have a method of leaving hazards behind on your field. Hazards block your use of that tile and cause the doom counter on the left side of the screen to count down.
  • Pests can be defeated by using hammers and slingshots. Pick up powerful magic hammers and magic slingshots by watching a short ad from the game’s main screen!


  • Hazards include barren tiles, rocks, urns, stone plants, and turtles.
  • Seeds cannot be planted on tiles with hazards on them.
  • Some hazards cause your doom counter to count down by one. If the doom counter reaches zero, it’s game over.
Hazard Source Doom Counter Cleared
Barren Tile Clear withered crop No Disappears after a certain number of days pass
Rock Defeated gopher; except when defeated by a magic hammer Yes Two hits from hammer; one hit from magic hammer
Urn Crow landing on a barren tile Yes Permanent
Stone Plant Cockatrice landing on a crop Yes Permanent
Turtle Lives peacefully in the tea garden No Permanent


Game End:

  • Every field has a target score to reach in order to claim victory over the invading pests.
  • Track your progress towards the goal score in the score meter located on the top left of the screen.
  • After clearing a field, you are given the option to continue playing for a high score.
  • If the doom counter ever reaches zero, it’s Farmageddon! A powerful entity will be summoned by the pests to personally deliver your game over message.

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