Nerdpile Games is an indie game studio located in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Our Founders

Anthony Burns – Progammer

One of our Programmers as well as our IT and Infrastructure Lead. Likes one of the following: video games, gophers.



Jhett Jones and Eevee
Jhett Jones – Level Designer

Our Level Designer and Product Manager.  He knows more about Video Games than anyone you know.

Grace and Leonidas in the garden.

Grace Strother – Accountant

Our Finance, Admin, Marketing and everthing odd Director.  Loves to read, play with excel, and cuddle her puppy.



Ben Warzeski – Programmer

Our Product Development Lead and Lead Developer.  Spins fire and plays cello in his spare time.  Wielder of puppies.

Kelsey Warzeski – Artist
See her artwork here: http://kwarzeski.wordpress.com/

Our Lead Artist.  She also enjoys wearing silly bandanas and listening to Pirate Music.


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